Anonymous asked: I love your hair! What's the secret to getting it perfectly the way it is?!?! It's like surf hair! What products do you use??? Do you blow-dry it or just towel dry it? I have hair similar to yours but I can't seem to get it perfect like that! Any tips would be greatly appreciated! =]

first of all, thank you so much :) I literally get this question every day of my life.. haha. sall good though. I’m bout to break it down for all yall. My hair is naturally wavy but I throw a bunch of products in it (products vary from time to time) when its wet, & then I defuse it on LOW (a defuser is that claw looking thing that attaches to your blow dryer.)

here are some of my favorite products:

surf hair (garnier fructis)

wonder waves (garnier fructis)

moroccan argan oil (don’t need much. works great on dry hair to tame all the frizzies.)

hope this helps! <3

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